Recording and editing audio is important for every complete online campaign. Weather it be a 2 track solo take or an elaborate MIDI arrangement for a Power Point Presentation digital sample manipulation and enhancement is a necessary element to portray verbal and emotional information clear and concisely. Let Lyfus assist you with your project through the years of rapid learning and experience in these new technologies, and techniques.
The ability of restoration and digitization of legacy recorded material has provided the industry unparalleled capabilities when it comes to informing the future of the present and the past . Cataloging and storage of audio samples can become complex and yet be kept organized and easily maintained. The more you record your message the more you can transmit your message. Allow Lyfus to be a part of getting your audio to the desired market.
Overdubbing and rearrangement of quality tracks can ensure your message is heard correctly. Select from thousands of sound effects and real world samples to tailor the correct tone and voice to your clients and prospective customers.