Corporate logos, branding and service offerings need to be seen in the physical world just as much as they need to be seen in the digital world. Lyfus gives you the affordable freedom to create custom tailor vehicle decals, temporary window signage, and precision stencil shapes for marking the world with your image. Create just about any shape or graphic with semi-permanent decals.
Have Lyfus create your image and tooling files for you or choose from a variety of fonts and designs to create the decal of your choice. Already have a logo? Get your image redesigned to adhere to the requirements of the printing industry. Not sure what you need? Send me an email and let me schedule an appointment. Together, we can figure out the exact path for your marketing plan to succeed.
Stencils can be useful tools in the product production process. Anything from chip and soldering templates to prototyping fabricated parts. Lyfus can create the stencil you need to cost effectively complete certain tasks in the development and deployment process of your projects. A Paper stencil may be all you need to get your creation to the next level of completion.