We desire the product through crisp images. The better that image is, the better informed the customer is of the quality of your product. Photoshop is an essential part of this process, from touching up one or two digital images or batch processing your entire corporations catalog of images. Utilizing Photoshop with speed and efficiency will ensure the process is done properly and affordably.
Vector graphics & product illustration in print, video and online will add clarity and strength when other means are not possible. Create clear crisp graphics of your logos and branding that will display correctly at any scale. Seamlessly integrate your vector assets with the rest of your marketing campaign while keeping modifications and updates globally manageable.
InDesign has become the powerhouse of print production and cross-platform content portrayal by combining all the tools of the Adobe family and effectively ensuring productivity while ensuring consistency no matter the medium used. We can create what you imagine. Limitations removed. Bridge the gap between your idea and the requirements of print houses, web standards, platforms and devices.
Editing video clips with graphical enhancements will change the way your customers inform themselves about your products. From simple title blocks and animated text or for a visual message enhancement, to exploding CAD diagrams of sophisticated parts for online instruction. Adobe After Effects will connect the viewer to your ideas through the means of online video, effectively displaying your content with motion and audio.
As visualizations get better and better, photos and videos just aren't enough. Sometimes you need a more in depth representation of what traits and features you are trying to portray. 3d models in print and motion graphics can greatly improve the impact when video and images fail to accomplish this.
Recording and editing audio is important for every complete online campaign. Weather it be a 2 track solo take or an elaborate MIDI arrangement for a Power Point Presentation digital sample manipulation and enhancement is a necessary element to portray verbal and emotional information clear and concisely. Let Lyfus assist you with your project through the years of rapid learning and experience in these new technologies, and techniques.
Corporate logos, branding and service offerings need to be seen in the physical world just as much as they need to be seen in the digital world. Lyfus gives you the affordable freedom to create custom tailor vehicle decals, temporary window signage, and precision stencil shapes for marking the world with your image. Create just about any shape or graphic with semi-permanent decals.